How Much Does Embroidery Cost In Sydney


How much does embroidery really cost?

So you are ready to purchase some embroidered logo apparel. You do a Google search and find us, The Print HQ from which can meet your needs. You find a shirt that will work for you company so now you want to know the price. But as you try and figure out how much it will cost to have your logo embroidered onto a polo shirt, you discover the pricing for custom logo embroidery can be a process in itself.

There are basically two different methods to price custom logo embroidery.

Stitch Count

In this method, the price is determined by the number of stitches it takes to create an image in embroidery. The theory is the more stitches it takes, the longer it is on the embroidery machine and therefore it would cost more.

Flat Pricing Method

The other pricing method is one that we at The Print HQ have employed since the start of our company. It is a flat pricing method.

Under this method, the cost for the custom embroidery of a logo is a flat fee and it not determine by stitch count. This makes it much easier for the customer to understand when making a decision about logo embroidered apparel.

In fact, we take it one step further; we include the cost of logo embroidery right in with the cost of the item that is to be embroidered. That way it is very easy and transparent way for customers to make a quick and educated buying decision.

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The Setup

Embroidery or embroidering a logo onto apparel can require a setup, that mean we need to take your digital image “logo” digitize it and turn it into a format the embroidery machine is then able to stitch out the design. If you are choosing to embroider a font then we have over 300 fonts to choose from and that will not incur a setup fee. Embroidery logo setups normaly cost anywhere from $60 – $100 depending on the detail and stitch count. for more information on Embroidery here in Sydney please contact us or call 0414 311 026

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